The restaurant has a full 'a la carte'  menu. The food is always cooked Fresh To Order and served by our waiters to your table.



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Samosa (2 pieces) £3.50
Meat or spicy vegetables stuffed in a crisp pastry

Onion Bhaji £3.95

Chicken Chat £4.50
Finely diced chicken cooked in a light spicy sauce

Chicken Tikka £4.50
Chicken pieces marinated and cooked on a charcoal fire

Meat Tikka £4.50
Lamb pieces marinated in exotic spices, served with salad

Sheek Kebab £4.50
Spicy minced lamb, cooked on a skewer, served with salad

Shami Kebab £4.50
Minced Lamb cooked in tandoori. Served with a spicy omelette.

Chicken Pakora £4.75
Spicy chicken in batter deep fried. Served with salad

Prawn Puree £4.75
Spicy Fresh prawn wrapped with deep fried flat bread

Tandoori Mix Starter £4.95
Lamb tikka, chicken tikka & sheek kebab

Tandoori Dishes

Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka £9.25
Chicken or Lamb pieces marinated and cooked on a charcoal fire. Served with salad.

1/2 Tradional Tandoori Chicken £9.50
Half a chicken marinated in Hung yoghurt, garlic paste, Ginger and gram massala. Slow cooked in a Tandoori oven. Served with salad.

Chicken Chat £9.50
Finely diced chicken cooked in a light spicy sauce.

Chicken or Meat Shashlick with Cheese £11.95
Breast chicken marinated and cooked with capsicum, onion and aubergine. Served with salad.

Tandoori mixed grill £14.50
Consists of chicken tikka, meat tikka, sheek kebab, king prawn tikka and 1/4 Tandoori chicken served with salad and nan.

Tandoori King Prawn Tikka £15.95
King size prawns marinated in a special recipe. Served with salad.

Chicken Tikka Masalla £9.50
(served with sliced egg) Breast of chicken marinated and cooked on a charcoal fire and re-cooked in a medium sauce.

Lamb Tikka Masalla £9.50
(served with sliced egg) Pieces of lamb marinated and cooked on a charcoal fire and re-cooked in a medium sauce. (contains nuts)

Tandoori King Prawn Masalla £15.95
King size prawns cooked in a medium tandoori sauce with authentic Indian spices.

Baburchi Chef's Recommendations

Chicken Mowchak £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken and fresh prawns, marinated in a selection of imported spices from Assam, added to this is a delicious sauce prepared from exotic peppers and herbs, garlic cream and honey, hence creating a flavour unique only in this dish. Medium hot to mild with a sweet texture.

Chicken Jahlale £9.95
Tender pieces of meat or chicken marinated in special herbs and spices imported from Bangladesh, then cooked in a delicate sauce made from yoghurt, cumin, tangerine, coriander and green chillies are then added to make this dish spicy and suitable for those who enjoy a rich spicy dish. (fairly hot)

King Prawn Jahlale £15.95

Chicken Jaflong £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in a selection of special peppers, marinated onion sauce and yoghurt. Herbs imported from Bangladesh. Also cooked with chick peas and potatoes. This dish comes from Sylhet and is delicious to taste.

King Prawn Delight £15.95
King sized prawns cooked in a charcoal fired oven and re-cooked in cream and various spices. Medium to mild.

Garlic Tikka Delight £9.95
Pieces of breasted chicken marinated in a combination of three mild spices then cooked with onions, garlic, coriander, green peppers and a combination of rich peppers. (creamy mild)

Lamb Shatkora £9.95
Tender piecs of lamb cooked with shatkora fruit which is part of the citrus family. Giving it a sweet & sour flavour. Medium hot, this is a favourite traditional curry in Syhlet, Bangladesh. (medium)

Lamb Jeera £9.95
Tender pieces of English lamb cooked in a Bangladeshi style with Jerah as added flavour, with doinya patah and green chillies. (fairly hot)

Begum Bahar £9.95
Marinated tender chicken, stir fried in a combination of four chill spices, onion, garlic, coriander, mushrooms, aubergines and a combination of peppers, marinated mince lamb added for extra taste, a delicate Eastern dish - once tasted, never forgotten. (medium)

Nawabi Chicken £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken, cooked in charcoal then stir fried with onion, capsicum, a selection of herbs and spices. A special sauce is then added with yoghurt for an extra medium taste. (medium)

Chicken Tikka Poneer £10.95
(We use grated Mozzarella cheese not Indian Poneer cheese) Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a clay oven, then cooked with selected spices added with cheese, fresh coriander and garlic “Once tasted never forgotten.”

Chicken Hariali £9.95
(Recommended for hot food lovers) Tender pieces of chicken, meat or prawns. A very hot dish imported from Sunabgonj. Made with hot fresh chillies, peppers and ginger. Great taste with an amazing naga chilli aroma. (hot)

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken £9.95
Tandoori flavoured chicken cooked in sauce made from seedless chilli, yoghurt, Indian mustard and many other spices.

Chicken Jafrani £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in clay oven, selection of herbs and spices in a special sauce with almond powder, fresh cream and a hint of lime juice to give that extra special flavour. Chef’s recommendation for beginners. (mild)

Chicken Tikka Tatul £9.95
Sweet and sour flavour, cooked with chilli and tamarind sauce, with onions, pepper and pickled chilli.

King Prawn Tatul £15.95

Chicken Korai £9.95
(Served in a Korai) Tender pieces of chicken or meat marinated in green pepper and Spanish onions, cooked in a combination of spices. (medium)

Chicken Pasanda £9.95
Breast chicken cooked n a sauce made of yoghurt, almond, cream and various spices. (medium)

Lamb Sangum £9.95
Tender lamb cooked in a special spinach and fresh herb sauce with cream. (medium to mild)

Exclusive Vegetarian Dishes

Shabji Jafroni (contains nuts) £7.50
Mixed vegetables cooked with Chef’s special blend of spices, almond and a hint of lemon juice. A medium to mild dish

Shabji Jhal Piaz £7.50
Mixed vegetables cooked with fresh coriander, ginger, onions, green chilli, capsicum with a touch of garam massala and a variety of spices. Hence a spicy and fairly hot dish.

Garlic Vegetable Balti £7.50
Mixed vegetables cooked with Chef’s special balti spices and fresh garlic, hence a medium spicy dish. Served in a balti pan.

Aloo Begun Balti £7.50
Fresh aubergine and potatoes cooked with Chef’s special balti spices and fresh herbs. Served in a balti pan.

Shobji Bhar Poneer £8.95
(We use Mozzarella cheese not Indian Poneer cheese) Mixed vegetables with fresh herbs, spices and cheese.

Shobji Bhar Tatul £7.50
Sweet and sour flavour, cooked with chilli and tamarind sauce, with onions, pepper and pickled chilli.

Balti Dishes

Balti has captured the imagination of curry lovers ever since it first appeared in the Midlands. Balti restaurant curries are stir fried in many combinations of spices and peppers, cooked in a wok like dish known as a Korai or Balti pan rooted from an area in Northern Pakistan called Balistan. Recommended by all curry guides - a must for curry lovers.

King Prawn Balti £13.95

Chicken Tikka Balti £9.50

Lamb Tikka Balti £9.50

King Prawn Tikka Balti £15.95

Garlic Chicken Tikka Balti £9.95

Extra toppings 50p
Please choose from our vegetable selections

Madras Dishes

Another popular dish of South Indian origin. A rich fairly hot taste, extensively prepared with garlic, chilli and tomato.

Chicken Tikka Madras £9.50

Lamb Tikka Madras £9.50

Prawn Madras £9.95

King Prawn Madras £13.95

Chicken Madras £8.50

Lamb Madras £8.50

Korma Dishes

Most suitable for beginners, a delicate preparation of yoghurt, cream and spices producing a very mild, rich creamy texture. A flavour palatable for every constitution (contains nuts).

Chicken Tikka Korma £8.95

Lamb Tikka Korma £9.25

Prawn Korma £9.95

King Prawn Korma £13.95

Chicken Korma £8.50

Lamb Korma £9.25

Dansak Dishes

A beautiful combination of spices with lentils, garlic and lemon juice, producing a hot, sweet and sour taste. Served with pilau rice.

Chicken Tikka Dansak £9.95

Lamb Tikka Dansak £9.95

Prawn Dansak £9.95

King Prawn Dansak £13.95

Vegetable Dansak £8.95

Biriyani Dishes

Consists of Basmati rice and served with vegetable curry:

Chicken Tikka Biriyani £10.50

Lamb Tikka Biriyani £10.50

King Prawn Biriyani £14.95

Shabji Pulao (vegetable) £8.50

Baburchi Special Biriyani £11.95
Spinach, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, prawn, dahl and naga. (Hot)

Vegetable Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Massala £4.50

Mushroom Bhaji £3.95

Sweet & Sour Okra £3.95

Aloo Koby £3.95
(potato & cauliflower)

Bombay Potatoes £3.95
(spicy potatoes)

Tarka Dall £3.95
(garlic flavoured lentils)

Sag Bhaji £3.95

Begun Bhaji £3.95

Kabuli Chana £3.95

Cauliflower Bhaji £3.95

Sag Poneer £4.50
(with Cheddar cheese & garlic)

Sag Aloo £3.95
(spinach & potatoes)


Boiled Rice £2.75

Pilau Rice £3.00
(basmati rice)

Mushroom Rice £3.60
(basmati rice)

Mixed Fried Rice £3.60
(basmati rice)

Keema Rice £3.60
(minced lamb)

Lemon Pilau Rice £3.60

Spinach Rice £3.60

Chapati £1.75

Protha £2.95

Stuffed Protha £3.25

Chips £2.75

Raita £1.55

Green Salad £1.95

Papadum £1.00
including pickles

Massala Papadum £1.00

Tandoori Breads

Nan £2.60

Peshwari Nan £3.00
(coconut, mango & almond)

Cheese Nan £3.20

Cheese & Garlic Nan £3.50

Garlic Nan £3.00

Keema Nan £3.30

Moglay Nan £3.70
(Minced lamb, chillies, garlic, coriander & cheese)

Garlic & Coriander Nan £3.20

Dil Dil Nan £3.50
Spinach, potato, coriander & Chilli